Magic Pen - Slime Activator

  • 1.99

This 5ml activator pen is perfect to have on hand any time you are playing with slime and it starts to get sticky!  Simply put a couple sprays on your sticky slime and your slime will not be sticky anymore.

97 sprays on every pen  (yes we counted)

Made with borax

Customer Reviews

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Maritza Rivera (Puerto Rico)

Magic Pen - Slime Activator

Ava Ryan (United States)
Magic Pen

Works just fine to un-sticky the slime. More convenient than a cup of borax water.

Kristi shaffer (United States)
Slime saver!

If I didn't have my slime activator I would buy as many slimes as I have or I would be able to play with the slime because it gets stuck to my hand but the activator fixes all the stickiness...

Cathy Alvarez (United States)
Love it!

The slime is super fluffy and fun to play with. It smells AMAZING! I recommend buying. And I love the little pen, it’s so convenient and works

Shannon Kelly (United States)
Best gift ever!

Our daughter loved this so much she wrote Cornwithslime directly to share her feedback on Christmas. This gift really was the big winner and the slimes and accessories are fantastic.