Ichiraku Ramen

  • 22.99

This DIY Clay Slime Set includes:

♡ 8oz red jelly slime scented like black cherry

♡ DIY clay ramen + all toppings in a baggie (fish cake, pork belly, egg fimos + green bingsu beads + 1 ramen charm)

♡ Extra 6oz deli container

♡ Level: advanced 

Description: Our Ichiraku Ramen DIY clay slime set comes with everything listed for you to assemble and mix on your own! Once you mix your ramen DIY clay into your slime you will get a unique jelly slime texture that is stretchy and makes great bubble pops. DISCLAIMER: Some slimes may come with fried egg charm instead of ramen charm

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Anonymous (Mexico)
AMAZING!!!!! I love it.

This slime was perfect. At first it was sticky but the activator fixed it! I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THE SMELL AND THE TEXTURE. it’s so fun to play with 10/10! Would totally recommend!

Olivia Velasquez (United States)

Ichiraku Ramen

Gina (United States)
Super fun to play with

I purchased several slimes for my daughter since December and each one has been fun to play with. They each came with the little decorative sprinkles and trinkets shown on the website. My [other] daughter whose in college even had me purchase one for her to fiddle with while she’s studying. Great product(s).

Mia (United States)

I loved the texture and smell, however it’s kind of pricey.

ollie (United States)

This slime is THE BEST slime I have ever ordered in my life I love the texture the smell and the theme the addins everything about this slime is 10/10