Fruity Pebbles Pancakes

Fruity Pebbles Pancakes

  • 15.79

This DIY clay slime set includes:

♡thick & glossy slime scented like fruity pebbles + pancakes with fake fruity pebbles crumbs

♡3 stack of pancakes covered in fake fruity pebbles crumbs 

 In screw top containers with adorable pink lids

All orders come with extras that include candy, borax & business card! Bigger orders get more fun extras like cornwithslime merch, clay, etc! 

Customer Reviews

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Deb (United States)
Love mine !

I just received Fruity Pebble pancakes and I love it! The base is wonderful and thick the clay was fun to mix in and was super inflatable!

Angela Kuss (United States)
Great Slime

No complaints here. Smells good and stretches great!

Gina DeSorbo (United States)

I’ve never been a fan of fruity scents, but this slime has easily become my favorite and the one I gravitate to the most out of all that I have. The clay pancake add in was so cute and colorful. Smells just like fruity pebbles, not too fruity, sweet and a bit like marshmallow, cream, or vanilla. Makes me crave fruity pebbles!!!!

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haven gray (United States)
good but deflated a lot

when it first came in came with a thick and glossy white base that filled the entire container and when you mixed in the clay You are sure to have it flow over the container but I've had mine for a while and it is deflated to half of a container

Kayla Brown (United States)

Was a nice thick slime and turned into a nice slay slime after adding clay pancakes! I really enjoyed playing with it the first 3 or 4 days but then it deflated and shrunk down. Still a good slime just smaller! Feels just like you are playing with dough! And smells good just like fruity pebbles!

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